Tuesday, September 18, 2007

David Allen Harvey

David Allen Harvey is another photographer from the Magnum group that I respect a hell of a lot. He has shot over 40 essays for National Geographic and has published two books, Cuba and Divided Soul. You can check the books out here. He has also got an amazing blog where he writes about his work, photographers he respects, and gives advice for photographers.

'all of my ex-students out there know that i say one thing over and over and over again....give yourself the "assignment" or the "grant" that you would dream someone would give you....find a personal project and do it without regard for later "sales"...you must do this in your "spare time"....make your "spare time" longer and longer and longer.....the best kind of "commercial success" or "artistic success" will come to you only if you work in this way.....it will come in ways that you cannot imagine....you cannot plan for this....you must go with your gut....only in this way will anyone, editor or publisher or gallerist, ever see who you really are...what you really DO...' David Allan Harvey

And as you may have noticed, just below the archive section on the right, I have categorized all my blog posts. So now you can browse through older posts with a bit more ease. So, try it out already!

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Mike said...

Dude, that's the truth! I've known it all along. I just have to bite the bullet and do it! Shot for a rad blog.