Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Great North West

I have started a job for the IMC, International Marketing Council, which involves shooting trade and industry around the country. A new thing for me to be shooting but its been going well so far. Our first province was the North West and the next is Kwazulu Natal. The images here are obviously from the N.W. and are in no particular order and of no particualr subject.. I've also been doing portraits of myself and the folk I'm traveling with. We've somehow been named Team M.e.a.t, don't ask.

Machadodorp Randomness

Was invited, by someone I hardly knew, to go away to Machadodorp for 3 days over this last weekend with 20 other people, who I also didn't know. Needless to say I was slightly nervous but it all turned out fairly well, and even made some new friends along the way. And even got some fishing in, the fish below made beautiful sashimi.