Monday, September 17, 2007

Aren't You Too Old To Be Skating?

I went shooting/ skating with Brendan Body on Saturday, he needed shots for his over 30's article for the next issue of Session. I shot pics of him and of Ockie tearing away in their ripe old age, until Brendan dropped of a bank and bruised his heel. Shot some other random pics along the way.
And here is the first skating shot of myself. I set it up and Brendan Body shot the photo for me, what a lovely little nose-pick.


gavin said...

i was hoping you were gonna have a few pics up. it was quite a collection of people. the pics are kiff. o and that nameless dude in your osiris pics is james brockman. hes pro fro zero. peace gavin.

Jason said...

nice - but who's the trippy bitch in the bottom pic?