Monday, July 23, 2007

Alec Soth

Liam Lynch pointed out to me a while ago that my work is quite similar (not nearly as good though) to Alec Soth's work, he also shoots mainly portraiture and perfect portraiture at that. Since then I have been obsessed with the man's work and look almost everday if he has new work on the net. And to my delight I found new work on his website and some interesting articles on his blog this morning. Go look here for a series of portraits relating to fashion (this image), and here for good reading on photography. I honestly love Alec Soth's eye.

I found this on his blog as well, a quote by Tod Papageorge:

'Cameras are like dogs, but dumb, and toward quarry, even more faithful. They point, -they render, and defy the photographer who hopes. Photography investigates no deeper relief than surfaces. It is superficial, in the first sense of the word; it studies the shape and skin of things, that which can be seen. By a passionate extension of this, its most profound meanings have to do with immanence, the indwelling grace of what Zen calls our ten thousand facts. This is not transport, or celestial transcendence, but that more footed joy and grief found near any clear sighting of the word.'

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Liam Lynch said...

As long as peeps don't think I said the "not nearly as good" part.

Check Gilden and Parr on the Magnum site... they were also given a chance to shoot Fashion Magazine, the latest of which is by Soth... seems like a cool project.