Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Details

The ol' blog hasn't seen much action of late. I've been shooting a lot for myself lately, shot some more 4/5 portraits and loads of stuff with friends. Commercially I've done an FNB ad, some portraits in Durban for 'The National' in Dubai and some other random stuff in between. You can see some of this work in the posts below. I also had an joint exhibiton with my brother, Andrew, at the Vaal University. We were asked to show our work in their gallery as we both studied there. I was also asked to give a guest lecture to the students at the university which was pretty cool. Some talented photographers coming out of the Vaal.
On a more family based note, my brother got engaged on the weekend to his girlfriend Marija. I'm really happy for him, Marija is a lucky lady. This is a portrait I shot of Andrew while I was still studying, I think he was 17 then.


Marija said...

Yes, I am!

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