Friday, November 23, 2007

Cons, Blood, and Ludicris

Still waiting to get the go ahead to put the Converse campaign on here, and also for the new SANBS campaign I shot this week. SANBS is the South African National Blood Service, by the way. We shot in Soweto and Fordsburg with graf artists Rasti and Dave. It turned out really well and might be made into a TV commercial if client gives the nod. Also shot a few portraits for Nike, they are going to be exhibited at the V.I.P. Ludacris show at Melrose Arch where I was told that if you are someone you will be there. I won't be there.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NOFX and Fuzigish

I was asked by JP, from Fuzigish, to shoot pics at the NOFX gig at the Bassline on Monday night. I only got to shoot for about 3 songs during the gig because the barricade that they setup up for photographers collapsed, and NOFX didn't allow photographers on stage so.... Here is what I got.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Converse Campaign-Coming Soon

I shot the new Converse ad campaign last week Thursday and Friday, it was awesme, think I shot some of he nicest work I've done in a while. But I'll only be able to put the stuff up here in a few weeks so be patient. My old G4 iBook crashed on Saturday half an hour after I backed up the Converse job onto my external hard drive, R.I.P. old friend, so this is my first post on my shiny new MacBook. So here is a pic of one of the models from the Converse shoot, not a great shot but I really like his tattoo.