Monday, October 29, 2007

Andrew van Rensburg Design

My brother, Andrew, has just finished his Diploma in design at the Vaal University. I went to his end of year exhibition last Friday and was so stoked when I saw his work. His work was cleaner and a bit more slick than the others in his class. These are some of his designs that I saw. The first 2 are business cards and a letterhead for a company , and the 3rd one is a poster and letterhead for a restaurant, and the last one was for i-Jusi Magazine. Since he isn't going to be studying anymore he is going to be looking for a job, so if you want to contact him for any reason, click here.


RICK DE LA RAY said...

Cheers Andrew !!! Looks really good. Only problem is, is that you and your brother are both big girls ha ha ha so in my eyes you are both nothing and i will spit in your direction when i see you the street... love ST(E)AK

Jason said...

Nice - i like clean. Clean is good. No more grunge. Ugh. We need a knockaround tough guy designer. You might be it.

OMTD said...

Very cool stuff indeed! Thanks Warren. Have saved Andrew's email add and will keep your bro in mind for potential future design work.