Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I eventually have a chance to update my blog, been a bit preoccupied with to many things. Had an awesome time in Cape Town, spent 4 days there for one afternoon's shooting. I actually went to CT to shoot a cover of 'Freshly Ground' for STAGE Magazine, but they cancelled on me on the day we had to shoot. They said they couldn't find their lead vocalist? So I ended up shooting 'Lark' for the cover which was our original choice. I had the best time shooting with Inge, what an amazing person. She was so willing to help out and such an incredible subject. We spent out last afternoon in CT at the 'Armchair Theatre' shooting the cover. But besides the whole shooting debacle we had a good time, met some amazing people like Rudi and Donnet. They hooked Liam and myself up so well. Rudi even gave us his car for the day we had to shoot, thanks geezer.


Jason said...

Nice work, as usual! When will there be prints up for sale?

arcadia said...

these are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty, I know the word seems so common, but it was the first thing that jumped into mind. Your subject is quite attractive, and so i think this is what is also so addictive about the images, so pleasing to look at, your composition is fair and the colours also add to the mood, sexy but still alot to be found out. so you make everyone look so good when you shoot them?