Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kwani Article

So here is the whole Kwani Experience article I shot for STAGE Magazine. This was one of the worst planned shoots I think I've done to date. We had made plans with the band's manager to meet the band on a Friday before one of their gigs. When we got there the band wasn't informed of the shoot, not even that they were getting the cover story. So we had to squeeze in the shoot before their gig, we had about 2 hours to shoot every thing. We didn't even have a location so we had to look for one that afternoon. Crazy. I think we pulled it off though.
I'm going to be quite busy over the next week or two, a 3 day shoot for 5fm, 6 billboards for SABC, the cover for the August issue of Stage in Cape Town and some shoots in between which I'm not to sure of yet. So hopefully some good work will be coming out of that. Till then...

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